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The Aging American Project™ is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to service. Those who serve their country and those who serve their community at home.  We're advocates, educators, warriors and visionaries. We're helpers, builders, soldiers and healers. We're your neighbors and friends reaching out, sharing our knowledge and our resources with our community.  We are the people who work with, live with, care for, protect and love our aging Americans. 

Committed to Serving


We believe that information is power. We also believe that a healthy community is a connected community.  So we've decided to start a public conversation.  We want to get personal and interact together with you, with the people in our communities. We think it's important to create dialogue and discuss at ground level, all the questions, challenges, opportunities and issues that come with an aging America. We will bring the experts to the table, to talk,  to listen,  to support and to advocate.  But to learn and to create real-life solutions, we need YOU!

Every Family, Every American


If you're reading this, the fact is, you are a part of the millions of families across the country who are living with or caring for an aging American.  Truth be told, it's hard to find someone today who isn't.  What does that mean? It means you're not alone. So we don't think you should feel alone. The mission of Aging American Project is to connect professionals in the aging industries with their community through public discourse.  Our goal is to deliver and disseminate  information that bridges the gaps and silos that exist throughout the aging industry. By creating forums for public consumption, we aim to connect communities with the multitude of advocates, resources, tools and benefits available to them.  Our purpose  will be to use the knowledge gained to relentlessly pursue and create innovative solutions that will improve the lives of every Aging American™.


Veteran's Welcome Home

Join us at American Gold Star Manor November 9th, 2019 from 11am-4pm as we celebrate with and honor our Veterans. It will be a day filled with fun, friends, music and delicious food!  We hope to see you there! 

Please RSVP below or give us a call! 

Aging American Project™ Presents:

Tuesday 11/12/19

Because You Served, Part II

3pm - 5pm

American Legion Post 132

Event Details

Tuesday 11/12/19

Because You Served, Part II


American Legion Post 132

143 S. Lemon Street

Orange, CA 92688

The Aging American Project is proud to announce Part II Because You Served!  Join us, Friday November 8, 2019  from 3pm-5pm for the second  of our three series event . Learn from our speakers,  how to access a multitude of services and benefits available to our Vet's including information on Aid & Attendance, the Mission Act and Choice program, mental health services and so much more!  We are very excited to be joined by our Aging American Project President, Christopher Merkle.  He is a combat veteran who is  dedicating much of his  post military career to helping veterans and serving  his community in positive, impactful ways. He will share his vast breadth of knowledge of the services and benefits available for our veterans. Ben Gales serves as the LINC coordinator for CalVet. We are thrilled to have him back for his second appearance. He  provides  us with practical, useful tools and resources for navigating the many services available for our veterans  and their families.  Our hope is that this information will help  our aging industry professionals better  understand  how to support this population and ultimately provide peace of mind for our vets or anyone who is providing assistance to our service members and their families.  We look forward to seeing you on 11/8/19! 

3pm - 5pm

American Legion Post 132

Saturday 06/01/2019

Because You Served, Part I

2pm - 4pm

Oakmont of Capriana

Event Details

Saturday 06/01/2019

Because You Served, Part I

The Aging American Project is proud to announce our kick-off event at Oakmont of Capriana, Because You Served!  Join us, Saturday,  June 1st from 2pm-4pm for the first of our three series event and learn how to access a multitude of services and benefits available to our Vet's including  PTSD & Mental Health services, Geriatric & Extended Care services, free Legal services, long term care benefits and more.  Our  inspired speakers share a vast depth of knowledge and experience on these subjects and more.  They will  provide practical, useful tools and resources for navigating these systems, as well as peace of mind for our vets or anyone who is providing assistance to our service members and their families.   

Event Schedule: 

2-3pm Industry Professionals:

Did you know that Orange County has one of the largest Veteran populations in the country with nearly 180,000 vets? It’s true! 

  • Your opportunity to interact with and assist those who have served is pretty high on a day to day basis. 
  • We’re bringing this panel of inspiring speakers together for you! 
  • We want to reach and teach professionals like you, in the aging and health care industries! 
  • You’ll be speaking directly with the experts. Gaining access to the knowledge and information 
  • essential to meet the needs of the veterans and families you serve each day. 

3-4pm Veteran’s & Families: 

Are you a WWII, Korean, VietNam or post 911 veteran? Maybe you're the proud grandpa, grandma, mom, dad or child of one who served? Either way, Aging American Project would like to invite you to join our conversation. 

  • We have put together an exceptional panel of Veteran Service experts for you! 
  •  We want to make sure you have access to people with information that matters to you. 
  • Let’s discuss issues and find answers while connecting you with the services and benefits you've earned

2pm - 4pm

Oakmont of Capriana

Meet the speakers

Sgt. Christopher Merkle


Chris Merkle is President and co-founder of Aging American Project. He has served  a career in service to the public as a veteran of  the Marine Corps,  local law-enforcement and various governmental agencies overseas. He is currently serving as an Outreach Specialist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Readjustment Counseling Services at the Vet Centers. His goal is to assist  transitioning Veterans and their family’s navigate the landscape of various benefits and opportunities. Helping them recognize those which are beneficial and how to avoid those that are predatory.  Chris also acts as an advocate and spokesperson for organizations like Team RWB and Soldier Strong  who provide vital services and programs for our vets and their families. 

Mr. Ben Gales


 Ben Gales serves as the Orange County Local Interagency Network Coordinator (LINC) for the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet). Ben’s work involves coordinating with government and nonprofit agencies to improve services for veterans, educating veterans on benefits and services, and serving as a liaison between CalVet headquarters in Sacramento and Orange County. Ben is a member of the Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaborative Steering Committee, and is actively involved with many other groups focused on assisting veterans in Orange County.

Prior to joining CalVet, Ben worked as an attorney for over 5 years at Public Counsel Law Center in Los Angeles where he helped veterans with legal needs at the West LA VA. Ben specialized in criminal justice issues and worked to facilitate the creation of Veterans Treatment Courts and other alternative sentencing systems for veterans. Ben graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine in 2000 and UCLA School of Law in 2006. 

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